Rakesh Kumar

rakesh-kumar-at-nehru-place-2.jpgHi friends!! Its Rakesh Kumar. I am a simple boy with little dreams in my life.....

     The main dream that I hold & need to complete is TO BE FAMOUS AROUND THE GLOBE for my kind, generous & helping activities. I have started working for it. Here, with the help of this website, again I am willing to connect to more & more people & help them in the way they need me.

     My perspective in life is never to just attain a high lifestyle, but I just want so many people loving & trusting me. I do really have a wish to have some people who can share their problems with me & I will anyhow be available to help them to the best level I can.

     With the grace of God, blessings of Parents & elders and wishes of my friends, I have the got THE BEST LIFE I COULD HAVE GOT. I AM VERY HAPPY.

     Everything that happened in my life is just to make me more & more stronger to face the reality of this life.