Like all do have, I am also havinf a family that supported me to grow & develop myself. Each & every member of my family tried to give their best for me, & they have done it also. In my Family, I do have:

PAPA JI (Sh.Vijay Singh)

papa-ji-2.jpgThe one who has always been THE PERFECT in his nature, when it was the time for him to be strict, played the role along with immense love(especially on me). And when the time came & kind nature & being open was the requirement for our development, changed his nature at the same to fulfill all our requirements.

One thing that I have found very much perfect in him that each & every time, PAPA Ji gave us very CALCULATED FREEDOM, which never allowed any bad activities to enter in my heart even & because of this thing only, today I am not bad mannered today.

MUMMY JI (Smt.Bimla Devi)

I could not ever explain my mother  in words....... But still she is so caring & so kind hearted that devoted whole of her life in making our life & praying for our wellness....

In the end, very shortly I can only say that I have got the best ever parents in this world.


Brother (Tejinder Singh)

God is very very kind to me that he has given me such a sweet, kind-hearted & loving brother. He is also the one who always cared for me and proved himself as a protective cover between me and sorrows. He also killed many of his happy moments just to make me happy.

But still the family always seemed incomplete to me without a sister. Then I had one:

Cousin sister(Kavita Yadav)

She is so sweet, always cared for me. Even she was elder than me in age, but she still had a respect for me in her heart & mind as well. She loved me a lot. Her nature is so kind & helping. And the main thing, she always wanted to see me happy.

But still, I was not able to share myself with her too. Rather than that, many came in my life, even we called each other brother & sister. But anybody couldnot become my sister with whom I can share myself.

But as we all might have listened,

"Bhagwan ke ghar der hai, andher nahi hai"   or   "Sabra ka phal meetha hota hai"

So, still may not have any real sister, but now I do also have many sisters, namely Palvi, Parul, Divya & Priyanka but except these all, One is so important & close to me whom I calls with the name I discovered for her, and that is

PARI (Preeti)

We might have came in contact through any medium, and we might have not met yet now, But still we believe a lot on each other. Have not ever met, so cannot explain much but still can say She is very much similar to me in thinking, habits & ways of talking. Also, she is so caring & loving for me. About her, can say only one thing, Never wanna loose her......


So, this is my family, & something about my family & I am very very thankful to God for giving such a great family.