I didnot have any friends & I always wished to have so many friends, but because of my unique behaviour, nobody understood me, & never wanted to be my friend from heart. may be so many showed it that they are my friends.

But again, I am so much thankful to GOD that I do have so many friends today who think me their friend from their heart. But still, I also do have some good friends, whom I think knows me a little more, cares for me more than others & also understand my feelings. Talking about them, they are all so nice & I categorise them as my SPECIAL FRIENDS. And they are:

  • Kirti, Delhi
  • Ashwarya Kumar, Chandigarh
  • Gaurav Singal, Delhi
  • Jitendra Choudhary, BMIT, Jaipur
  • Ruma Mukherji, Delhi
  • Varun Kumar, BMIT, Jaipur

These are some of my special friends.


But the BEST EVER FRIEND of mine in this whole world, who always helped me even in the most worst conditions also, & understands me deeply, cares for me the most & who is so special to me also, is:


She is the one for whom I donot have any words to speak about, but can say only this much that she is most important to me in my life. And I never wanna loose this most loyal friend of mine.

So, this is something about my friends & I am very very thankful to God for giving such a great friends group.