Ideals & Inspirations


The one whom you follow to achieve what you want to achieve  in life, on whom you do have the trust that what they tells us to do is for our own welfare. In the other words, you can trust that one anyhow, you do have a special place for that person in your mind.

      My perfect ideal in this life is THE REAL HERO who is responsible for the overall development of Indian Economy & responsible for the stand that INDIA is having today in this world.


Dhirubhai Ambani

     This awesome personality inspires me to do what I want to because he has once proved that we can do anything with our willpower if we really have will to do.

Rather than DHIRUBHAI AMBANI JI, there are some other personalities also who, with their love & devotion towards work, inspires me to perform the best level I can, & TO BECOME FAMOUS PERSONALITY AROUND THE GLOBE. Some of them are:


Anika Tyagi

(Photo not available)

Even I donot know why, but still its true that I respect Anika Didi a lot from the core of my Heart. She impressed me in the first meeting with her. I met her as a friend, but I started respecting this much that I touched her feet while going back just after 1-hour meet with Anika Didi.

And Now My Inspirations:


Dr.Pawan Malhan

Director, Pvt. Ltd.

The renowned educationist who came to know about the sales industry at the age of 40years. And broke down all the records in the same industry with his enthusiasm & love towards his work. Became THE FASTEST MILLIONAIRE in CANADA amongst all the people of INDIA.

      Many a people are responsible for their own success only, but he is not among them. He just duplicated it to the youth society so that they can also improve themselves. Finally, gave birth to an organisation Pvt. Ltd. which resulted in success of millions of people.


srk-22.jpgShahrukh Khan(SRK)

One who could never be explained in words, packed up with INCREDIBLE TALENT and a lot of patience. which made his journey very very much successful. And today, he is BAADSHAH (THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD industry).



sunny-arora-sir-5.jpgSunny Arora Sir

The 15-year boy started to work with a loan of more than 20 lakhs when his family needed him. But not taking lot of time, recovered from that all & gave such a beautiful life to his family that they have not thought of even.

He is really THE LITTLE ANGEL, just came to earth, made everyone happy & went back to God's heaven so that he could enlighten the life of some others also who need him. His personality so bright that even the people who were more than 20-25 years elder to him, worships him even today also. He was a GOD in a human body cover.

I, on behalf of the whole eBIZ community, can say that "WE MISS YOU A LOT SIR!"


saurav-ganguly-17.jpgSaurav Ganguly

Former Captain, Indian Cricket Team

The only Indian Captain whose batting & decision making power inspired me also, not to play Cricket but to be consistent in the most worst situations even. He is the one who changed the face of Indian Cricket.



saina-nehwal-3.jpgSaina Nehwal

Badminton Player, India

The only Indian Badminton player who proved herself in sports history. She is the real pride for our nation as she has proved herself at the time when she was not even 17(the age group at which 90% students even donot think of doing anything). I salute such a bold & successful girl. 


sachin-tendulkar-2.jpgSachin Tendulkar

Best Batsman around the Globe

Cricket is ever ever incomplete without talking about this personality, He is so much devoted towards cricket that he seems to be the SYNONYM OF CRICKET. The one who proved himself at less than 16-years of age. Really, the ONLY SUPERSTAR IN CRICKET HISTORY.

And still, even at 38-years of age, he is playing to serve the nations shows his LOVE TOWARDS COUNTRY(INDIA).

The man with utmost TALENT & PATRIOTISM.